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#38 Add loader | Next.js Search Component | Advanced React WordPress Theme | WordPress headless

Chapter 38: Learn how to add spinner loader and erorr message in Next.js Headless WordPress with WPGraphQL creating search page, search form, next js wordpress example, ext js wordpress tutorial, next js wordpress theme, next js wordpress starter, next js, wordpress rest api, next js wordpress graphql, next js wordpress seo, next.js vs wordpress Advanced React WordPress Theme Development —– SUBSCRIBE TO CHANNEL – https://www.youtube.com/c/ImranSayedDev?sub_confirmation=1 *** Github repo *** https://github.com/imranhsayed/nextjs-headless-wordpress/tree/feature/youtube-tutorial https://github.com/imranhsayed/nextjs-headless-wordpress Please star my repo to support my work 🙏 *** Please nominate me for Github Star *** https://stars.github.com/nominate/ ******* Social Links ******** Please follow 🙏 Twitter – @codeytek https://twitter.com/codeytek Github – imranhsayed https://github.com/imranhsayed ******* Other Playlist ****** ==== REACT TUTORIALS ==== https://codeytek.com/course/react-tutorial-from-beginner-to-advanced-course/ ==== REDUX TUTORIALS ==== https://codeytek.com/course/redux-tutorial-for-beginners-course/ ==== REACT WITH WORDPRESS TUTORIALS ==== https://codeytek.com/course/headless-wordpress-react-course/ ==== WEBPACK TUTORIALS ==== https://codeytek.com/course/webpack-tutorial-course/ #wordpress #search #nextjs