Gatsby JS Course: Setup Development Environment

Get your development ready for building sites with Gatsby by installing Homebrew, Node, NPM, Gatsby CLI, and Git. This is a single video in a series of 26 lessons. Watch the entire course at this playlist here: Want to support the channel? We make our courses free to watch so anyone can access our content and level up their skills. For our larger courses, like this one, we sell the final code and design files for a small price to help support the creation of free educational content like this. You can purchase the course files below–any support is greatly appreciated! πŸ‘€ LIVE DEMO πŸ‘€ πŸ—‚ PURCHASE FILES & SUPPORT THE CHANNEL πŸ—‚ πŸ”— COURSE RESOURCES πŸ”— Setup dev environment: Gatsby Hello World Starter: Gatsby Transformer Sharp: Gatsby Plugin MDX: Gatsby Plugin Google Fonts: Styled Components in Gatsby: React Developer Tools for Chrome: Gatsby Create Pages: Minify SVGs with SVGOMG: Prism React Renderer: LekoArts: Codeblocks, MDX, and mdx-utils: Language tabs for Gatsby’s code blocks: Netlify: Figma: πŸ‘‹ FOLLOW US πŸ‘‹ Instagram: #WebDev #WebDesign #WebDevelopment